Music Production & Engineering

Audio Engineering is not only one of his services, it is his passion. Genesis Thegenius provides high quality engineering using industry standard recording applications and plugins used by professionals a like. If you need studio time, beats, Instrumentals, mixing and mastering, or anything related to sounding professional, Genesis Thegenius is the right man for the job.

Video & Photo Services

Looking for professional music videos, film work, or Photography? You are in the right place. Genesis Thegenius uses some of the best equipment in the business such as Canon and Blackmagic Design, along with professional editing applications such as Adobe, Final Cut Pro, and Divinci Resolve. Are you in need of a director for your production? You can rest assure he will bring your ideas to life.

Graphic Design & Printing

Need professional graphic design? Need album covers, banners, logos, clothing, and or anything related to graphics and printing? You guessed it, Genesis Thegenius is the man for the job. Using professional imaging applications such as Adobe Photoshop and more, he provides you with professional and commercial grade graphics and printing.

Artist development & Management

Are you an artist looking for development or management and want to remain independent? Allow Genesis Thegenius to show you how to take your career to new heights while remaining independent. Have an album or project that you need help on producing? This is one of his specialties. Lets not forget the fact he is connected in the music and entertainment world. Allow him to take you to the next level.

Fundraising & Charity

Are you planning on raising money for a cause, or wanting to contribute one? Do you have a team or group looking to raise money and also make a difference in others? Allow Genesis Thegenius to be the connection between you and the community. He has been known to make a huge impact on the community through his organization The Genesis Project. With his bi-weekly food drives for the hungry and mentoring of the youth, his name rings bells throughout the community.

Business & Life Coaching

Known for breaking it down to a molecular level of deeper understanding. During conversations with Genesis Thegenius, you may at times ask your self, "Why didn't I Think of This?" Grab a pen and pad and let him tune your frequency. Also, as an entrepreneur and owner of many successful websites, businesses, and organizations, Genesis Thegenius knows a thing or two about greasing the gears on a rusty business plan or even creating a new one from the ground up. "Been there done that" is and understatement. His Methods, are genius.

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About Genesis


Welcome to Here you will find the works of Genesis Thegenius, a Recording Artist, Mastermind, and Business Professional who's work speaks for itself. Whether its quality instrumentals, his career as a recording artist, or the many services he provides, not to mention his contribution to the local community through his street organization he designed to feed the hungry and mentor the misguided youth "The Genesis Project". Feel free to take a tour of the website and make good use of the great services he provides. GOD Bless!

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