Welcome to GenesisThegenius.Com Here you will find the works of Genesis Thegenius, a Mastermind and Business Professional whos work speaks for itself. Whether its Quality Instrumentals, His Career as an Artist, or the many Services he provides. Not to mention his contribution to the Local Community through his street organization he designed to feed the homeless and mentor the miss-guided youth "The Genesis Project". Feel free to take a tour of the Website and make good use of the Great Services he provides. If its Beats you need, you are in the right place. Click the "My Beats" tab to have a listen. Also, to listen to his work as a Recording Artist click the "My Albums" tab. GOD Bless!!!!!!!
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Need Advice or Business Strategies?

Look no further!

Genesis Thegenius provides In-depth conversation that breaks down Advice, Opinions, Life Planning, Strategy, and more, to a molecular level of deeper understanding. During conversations with Genesis Thegenius, you may at times ask your self, "Why didn't I Think of This?" Genesis Thegenius does not take sides or favor any side of your situation so Advice and Opinions will be direct and truthful from the outside looking in. Need Life Planning or a new way of thinking? Look no further, grab a pen and pad and let him tune your frequency. Also, as an Entrepreneur and owner of many successful websites, businesses, and Organizations, Genesis Thegenius knows a thing or two about greasing the gears on a rusty business plan or even creating a new one from the ground up.

"Been there done that" is and understatement.

His Methods, are Genius.

Call 214) 881-0860
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